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Astonishing beauty of Naxos Island!

Naxos is a wonderful, gifted island with many natural and cultural treasures. Here, we will give you a taste of what awaits you on the island... By visiting Naxos Town you can understand a lot about the gastronomy value of the island and the romantic atmosphere that characterizes it. Learn more here.

Portara is the huge marble gate of a temple that begun construction in the 6th century, probably in honor of the god Apollo in the island of Naxos. Stands majestic on the island "Palatia", or island of Bacchus as it is said differently, in the left side of the port of Naxos. Learn more here.
The area is called Giroulas and the temple dedicated to the goddess Demeter is one of the most important buildings of the ancient Naxos. Learn more here.
Naxos is an island with a strong past and great position in Mythology and History. Thus, you will find many museums for every interest, such as the Archaeological Museum of Naxos. Learn more here.
What is more, in Halki you will find the Traditional Distillery of the local drink Kitro, that operates since 1896! Learn more here.
Naxos is a beautiful gifted island, full of green landscapes and natural springs to discover! We would like to refer to three picturesque villages that are recommended for trekking, Apeiranthos, Koronos and Potamia. Learn more here.


Naxos has a great variety of long beaches of any kind to discover and visit, with lots of restaurants and taverns around to have them satisfy your appetite after a long day on the beach...

Agios Georgios beach, see more here
Agia Anna beach, see more here
Agiassos beach, see more here
Agios Prokopis, see more here
Lionas beach, see more here
Pyrgaki beach, see more here
Plaka beach, see more here
You will also discover many churches and Monasteries in Naxos, since there is at least one in every village, each one with its story. Learn more here.