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Naxos Destination Tour 2013-2014! continues its journey and research and goes on Naxos island. A beautiful island next to Mykonos, that holds a lot of gastronomy, natural and cultural treasures. Our purpose is to show them to you, so stay tuned... Learn below about the Naxos Destination Tour 2013-2014!


Restaurants on Naxos island

Amorginos, see more here                           Axiotissa, see more here
Boulamatsis, see more here                         Ebeeria, see more here
Irini's, see more here                                    Faros, see more here
Ippokampos, see more here                         Kitron, see more here
Maro, see more here                                    Matina & Stavros, see more here
Nikos & Maria, see more here                      Ntempelis, see more here
Ntouzenia, see more here                             Palatia, see more here
Palatia Island, see more here                       Pigi, see more here
Platsa, see more here                                   Rendez Vous, see more here
Scirocco, see more here                              Spitiko, see more here
Tipografio, see more here
Watch here a video of that describes the secrets behind the delicious local cusine of Naxos island.

Learn more about the natural and cultural beauties of Naxos island here.
Accommodation on Naxos island
Aegean Palace, see more here                     Porto Naxos, see more here
Princess of Naxos, see more here                Studios Koronos, see more here