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Vouliagmeni Lake... all day pleasure!

The "Lake of Vouliagmeni" brings global attention to the background of natural paradise full of life refreshes and soothes visitors. The infinite natural beauty with the element of water and steep volumes of imposing rocks change color during the day, culminating in the evening, when you feel like being in a place totally autonomous and separate, full of romance, that is more like a masterpiece art painting or a place located on an island away from Attica. The experience of enjoying a cocktail or a selected wine along with dinner in front of the lake waters and floodlit landscape is surely unsurpassed! The specially designed, private area, with individual service and a variety of individual and particularly cocktails menu is perfect to accommodate tourist groups and small groups.
The restaurant with the fine, modern, Mediterranean proposals, the cafeteria and the free parking give you an extra reason to visit Vouliagmeni Lake. Organise a romantic outing or a group outing with friends in this bar restaurant and be sure that you will not regret it. The particular physical characteristics of the Lake, combined with the unique location that surrounds it, make it a significant monument. It is recognized as a natural monument and a protected wetland. It is also included in the National List «NATURA 2000» and is protected by the International Convention «RAMSAR». In addition you will find a playroom with special menus for children.