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Leros Tour Destination! comes from Leros island with the best possible impressions. The location, the design of the island, the villages, the people, the beaches are all suberb! Discover Leros' great history and taste its magnificcent local cuisine. It is truly remarkable that so many restaurants and taverns are loyal to quality and traditions. What makes this cuisine special is the great variety of seafood recipes that it holds. We would like to present you some of the best restaurants of the island...


Castle of Holy Mary



Leros' Restaurants


Lampros. See more here               Milos. See more here


Aloni. See more here                     Apostolis Psaropoula. See more here


Castelo. See more here                 Dimitris O Karaflas. See more here


Esperides. See more here             Gourna. See more here


Petrino. See more here                  Pirofani. See more here


Prima Plora. See more here          Thraka. See more here


Zephyros. See more here              Princess Hotel Resto. See more here




Leros' Accommodation

Princess Hotel. See more here    Boulafentis Hotel. See more here


Paradise Hotel. See more here   Castelo Hotel. See more here




Leros' Beaches

In every seaside part of Leros there is a unique beach, hidden in vivid nature. We will present to you some photos of the most favorite beaches of the island. However, rest assured that there are many more to explore...


Lakki Beach


Alinda Beach


Dio Liskaria Beach


Vromolithos Beach