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Patmos Tour Destination 2014-2015! is proud to say that it discovered the spectacular treasure of Patmos. The island is full of wonderful, natural landscapes and restaurants that take advantage of it in the most preferable way. You can enjoy your meal from atop, while gazing in the green blue view that unfolds in front of your eyes. The local gastronomy secrets are transferred from father to son, from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Patmos island is surely a quality destination that combines everything...

In addition, Patmos is surely an island of international cultural value, due to its natural beauty and its historical and religious background and monuments. Patmos special asset is the Cave of Revelation that you must visit at least once in a lifetime and of course the Monastery of St John.


Patmos' Restaurants


Balkoni. See more here                 Benetos. See more here


Flisvos. See more here                  Lampi. See more here


Tarsanas. See more here              Souvlakia tou Pappou. See more here


Agrio Livadi. See more here         Aloni. See more here


La Strada. See more here             Pantelis. See more here




Patmos' Beaches

Patmos is decorated with spectacular beaches of true natural value. Just by watching the below photos, we are sure that you will be convinced that Patmos is the ultimate destination for your summer vacation...


Agrio Livadi beach


Diakofti beach


Didimes beach


Groikos beach


Lampi beach